Team 1/8 Bravo Baking Angels ~ April 2016

Featuring LCP Dakota Jackson


A very special thank you to Melissa Jackson for nominating her son, Dakota, for this month's team! Melissa has been a strong supporter of Cindy's Baking Angels and we are proud to be able to support her Marine son for a second time! Dakota was previously with Team 2/9 Hell in a Helmet.

A little about Team 1/8 Bravo

Melissa writes, "Dakota joined the Marines on his 18th Birthday and followed his father into the service of our country. His father retired recently after twenty-three years in submarine service."


This is a family photo

Dakota is 2nd from the left

"Dakota is currently with the 1st Battalion 8th Marines in Spain as part of Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Crisis Response. This is his 2nd deployment is 3 years."

Dakota is last on the right

"His previous deployment included visits to Japan, the Philippines and Korea. Dakota recently achieved a perfect score on his Combat Fitness Test or CFT."

Dakota is third from the left

Special Requests

Let's bring this young Marine some incredible Angel TLC and show him and his Battle Buddies just how much they are appreciated! I know my Angels know how to bring it on!