Team 2/9 Hell in a Helmet Baking Angels

Featuring PFC Dakota Jackson

~ See updates below!

Dakota Jackson with his father Tom

A very special thank you to Melissa Jackson for nominating her son, Dakota, for this month's team! Melissa has been a strong supporter of Cindy's Baking Angels and we are proud to be able to support her Marine son!

A little about Team 2/9 Hell in a Helmet

Melissa writes, "Dakota joined the Marines on his 18th Birthday, last October 15th, and followed his father into the service of our country. Dad did 23 years in the submarine service and this is Dakota's first deployment to Okinawa."


This is a family photo.

Melissa continues, "The 2/9 is referred to as "Hell in a Helmet"  and are an infantry unit. They will be conducting training on jungle skills over the next few months."


Dakota with fiance, Erin.

Special Requests

Melissa shares, "Some of the things on their wish list are toiletries, laundry detergent, Tide and Gain pods were suggested, and they all have a sweet tooth and are already desperately missing baked goods from home."

Let's bring this young Marine some incredible Angel TLC and show him and his Battle Buddies just how much they are appreciated! I know my Angels know how to bring it on!

Team Updates!

Thank you to all of our Angels who supported our team this month. Here are a few photos of our Goodie boxes heading to Dakota and his Battle Buddies!

From Angel Angie...great snacks and tempting treats for our Team! Thank you, Angie!

From Angel Jessica...a terrific goodie box heading to our team. Thank you, Jess!

From Angel Renee....awesome goodie box heading to our team! Thanks so much, Renee!

From Angel Peggy...Dakota is in for some incredible treats! Thank you, Peggy!

From Angel Mary Ann....Halloween will never be the same with these special goodies! Thank you, Mary Ann!

From Angel Cindy....loads of goodies heading to Dakota. Fun, tasty, and practical.