Team Support the Force Baking Angels ~ February 2015

Featuring Capt. Emily Meredith, USAF

* See Team Updates & News from Emily below!

A little about Team Support the Force

It's with pleasure that Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to support Emily and her Unit this month! She writes, "We are in charge of taking care of more than 9,000 military with everything from lodging, running 5 dining facilities, entertainment and activities to do after work, which is my job specifically. We also must account for everyone out here and we are also, as needed, in charge of the mortuary process to take care of our fallen.

For my team specifically, we are planning a base wide Super Bowl Party, Valentine's events, and so much more to come later on in the year."


Team Updates & News from Emily!

Emily is receiving our Angel Goodie boxes and shares, "We've gotten the first of our boxes and I can't tell you the excitement that it has spread. Everyone keeps saying how I get all these packages, but they are excited because they know it means I'm sharing yummie goodies!"

Thank you for the great photos, Emily! Be sure to tell your friends how they can contact me for their special Angel packages!

Thank you to all our Angels for your continued support of our Troops! Enjoy a few pictures of the goodie boxes our Angels are shipping to our Team!

From Angel Kathy and our friends at Elite Electronic Engineering Inc. in Downers Grove, IL! Loads of goodies heading to our team! Thank you all for your continuing support of our Troops!

From Angel Carol...61# of goodies heading to Emily and her Buddies! Amazing show of support for our Troops! Thank you, Carol!

From Angel Vivian..needed supplies and tasty treats our team will enjoy! Thank you, Vivian, for all you do!

From Angels Amy, Carolyn, Cindy, and Sandy...great Pack & Ship for the Troops this month at Cindy's home! Two boxes are heading to Emily and her Troops! Thank you, friends, for making it such a success!

From Angel Peggy...lots of spicy snacks for our Troops! And some cute pillowcases to rest their heads. Thank you, Peggy!

From Angel Mary Ann...great goodie box filled with snacks and treats for our Troops! Thank you, Mary Ann!