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Featuring Rufus Marye as our December Round 48 Nominee

Rufus writes, “I am from Chattanooga, TN. I am 30 years old, graduated from The Citadel in 2004 and followed with a commission in the Army National Guard. Following my 2010 deployment to Iraq with the 278th Armored Cavalry of Tennessee, I started my own tourism/special events business in Chattanooga using an open top 1960 British Double Decker bus.  The name of my business is called Chattanooga Double Decker ( and it would become my passion until being called to serve my country again, except this time as the Battalion S2 with the 1-181 in April of 2012.”

“The 1-181 is a field artillery battalion of soldiers who are currently deployed to Jordan in order to train the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF).  Our mission is to train the JAF in infantry tactics so that they may fight in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. By being here we are building a relationship with a Middle Eastern country and also keeping our own U.S. soldiers out of harms way in Afghanistan. Our soldiers work tirelessly to overcome the language and cultural barriers with the JAF so that we may give them the survival skills needed to keep themselves and others alive.”

Rufus goes on to share, “Many of the soldiers here have given up their jobs in the states in order to serve their country and others, like me, have businesses they have had to limit or shut down because they aren’t there to manage the daily operations.  However, we realize that the life we have in the states could not have been given to us had it not been for the sacrifices of others and we too hope to play a role in keeping our families, businesses, and country safe from terrorism.”

He also requests, “If you send homebaked goods they need to be vacuum sealed because it takes so long to get here in Jordan because they sit in Kuwait with 130 degree heat.  We have had several people get home baked  goods and they are molded by the time they get here. I suggest moonpies (a Chattanooga treat) and Jack links beef jerky (teriyaki or sweet n'hot) and homebaked goods, if you can vacuum seal them.”

I’ve created a Cindysbakingangels Wish List on AMAZON that contains a few of the items Rufus has requested. The link is and AMAZON will ship directly to Rufus. When you join our Team, you will be provided Rufus’s shipping address and can have AMAZON ship directly to him. Please DO NOT have these items shipped to Cindy’s Baking Angels. Thank you!

I do hope you'll join and share your wonderful TLC with Rufus and Team Redlegs Baking Angels.


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Team Redlegs Baking Angels are busily preparing and shipping out some very special goodie boxes to our Troops! Here are a few photos that just arrived!