Team Lifeliners Baking Angels ~ December 2014

Featuring SPC Courtney Adams

* See Team Updates below!

A little about Team Lifeliners

Courtney and her Unit have been deployed to West Africa where they are helping in the fight against Ebola. Toiletries are in great need.

Courtney writes, "I'm stationed out of Ft Campbell, KY which is the 101st Airborne Division. I fall under the 101st Sustainment Brigade which is a support unit. Our brigade theme is Lifeliners because if our front line troops didn't have any support (mail, chow, showers, communication, etc) it would be hard for them to complete the mission!

Our unit is part of a collaborative effort to establish medical treatment units for the Ebola victims. The area that I am staying in has only seen a handful of Ebola cases in the month that I've been here. I am a 42A, human resources, so I deal with tracking personnel, daily temperature checks, redeployment, and anything else with paperwork that you can think of! We have approximately 70 females where I'm living right now and approximately 300 males. We have two chaplains out here who offer services to those who wish to attend."

Courtney continues, "We have roughly 20 tents that serve as living quarters. Each tent houses 20 individuals."

She shares, "We have a Dining Facility, which serves two hot meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Our cooks are essential to this mission. Chow is the biggest moral booster I have seen out here!"

Special Requests

Courtney shares, "Toiletries are always a plus! We often run out of toilet paper. Anything that we'd use to get ready for work on an everyday basis would be put to great use! We have two shower tents that we could put a box of supplies in, maybe in case someone is running out or just forgot theirs in their tent! Snacks are also more than welcome!"



Team Updates!

Our Angels are stepping up once again and supporting Team Lifeliners with some much needed supplies! Words alone cannot express my gratitude to all my Angels for their ongoing support of our Military.

Enjoy a few photos arriving of our Angel Goodie Boxes!

From Angel Marla....great holiday cards from her 4th graders and snacks to excite our Troops! Thank you, Marla, and all your 4th graders!

From Angel Angie...making use of our Amazon Wishlist is a great way to support our Troops! Thank you, Angie, for all you do!

From Angel Valerie...great treats and comfort items to aid our Troops! Thank you, Valerie, for your ongoing support!

From Angel Virginia...tempting cookies and much needed comfort items for our team. Thank you, Virginia, for your ongoing support!

From Angel fun and fanciful. Enjoy Courtney!

From Angel Lisa...two boxes of Angel Goodie Boxes heading to Courtney courtesy of Lisa and her Bible study group! Thank you all!