Team Crimson Orchids Baking Angels ~ February 2015

Featuring Marine Lcpl Christina Nichols

* See Team Updates Below!

A little about Team Crimson Orchids

Lcpl Christina Nichols was nominated by her mother Teri Nichols. Thank you, Teri, for working with me to create Team Crimson Orchids!

Christina is attached to the 31 MEU out of Okinawa and travels about the area on special missions. Because of the security of our Troops we are unable to share much more about Christina and her Task Force. However, her mother, Teri, shares a behind the scenes perspective of why Christina has chosen this career and what her plans are for the future.

Mom writes, "When she was eight she told us she will be joining the Military when she turned 18. She was very stubborn and wouldn't change her mind.

She went through high school and college at the same time. At a very young age she wanted to stand up and fight along the best and defend her country." Christina's younger sister plans on following in her sister's footsteps when she's older.

Christina with younger sister

Mom shares, "Before Christina joined the Marines, she did some modeling and pageants. She had a lot of colleges wanting her and still chose to be a Marine.

She is very stand your ground kid of girl, stick to what you believe in no matter the cost. She is currently studying to be a doctor and anesthesiologist. She plans to be completely finished with her schooling within 4 years so she has something to fall back on just in case anything happens with the Marines other than that she hopes to take her career in the Marines as far as possible."

Christina has asked that we help support four of her fellow Troops during this month. They are: Lcpl Burstall, Lcpl Reynolds, Cpl Purnell, and Sgt York.

When shipping we request that you label your contributions with the Marine's name. Everything will be shipped directly to Christina.

Special Requests

Christina writes, "Beef jerky, socks, Cookie Crisp, Special K Red Berries, peaches, Snickers, and power bars would be great! We don't really want any kind of candy other than the Snickers."


Team Updates!

Our Angels are busily preparing their Angel Goodie Boxes for our Troops! Be sure to check back for our team updates and photos! Thank you, Angels, for your steadfast support!

From Angel Kathy and our friends at Elite Electronic Engineering Inc. in Downers Grove, IL! Loads of goodies heading to our team! Thank you all for your continuing support of our Troops!

From Angel Marie...delectable treats that our Troops will surely love! Thank you, Marie, for all you do!

Team Crimson Orchids

Team Crimson Orchids

Team Crimson Orchids

Team Crimson Orchids

From Angels Amy, Carolyn, Cindy, and Sandy...great Pack & Ship for the Troops this month at Cindy's home! Two boxes are heading to Emily and her Troops! Thank you, friends, for making it such a success!

From Angel Cindy....lots of goodie bags prepared for Team Crimson Orchids! Christina's friends will be enjoying our fabulous Angel TLC!

From Angel Peggy...lots of spicy snacks for our Troops! And some cute pillowcases to rest their heads. Thank you, Peggy!