Team Bayonet Baking Angels

Featuring Anthony Costello as our November Round 47 Nominee

Thank you, 173rd Airborne Brigade for this wonderful Christmas present! On behalf of Cindy's Baking Angels and Team Bayonet, I humbly accept this Certificate of Achivement. We were honored to be able to support your Troops and wish you all a safe journey.

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This month’s recipients are known as Task Force 173 or TF Bayonet. “We are officially the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team out of Vicenza, Italy, and have units in Bamberg & Schweinfurt, Germany. I'm the Brigade Engineer and get to build stuff and tear it down all over our battle space!” according to Tony.

Tony writes, “The 173rd has a pretty big history that technically goes back to WWI but we are most known for spending so much time in Vietnam. We have the only combat jump in Vietnam (OP Junction City). I have a pretty good engineer cell that would love to have lots of baked treats. I'm pretty excited about getting packages too! I can't think of any special requests right now except baked goods, which are always a welcome treat. They typically get gobbled up quickly.”

“I really appreciate all the people back home who like to do these wonderful things for us. It's great that we're not forgotten about over here even if the news seems to be less and less interested,“ Tony shares.


I do hope you'll join and share your wonderful TLC with Tony and Team Bayonet Baking Angels.

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Update from Tony!

"Thanks to the Team Bayonet Baking Angels, the baked goods have started to show up! Yesterday our first two boxes arrived. Already the traffic has increased in my office for cookies," says Tony!