Team SPMAGTF Forerunners Baking Angels ~ December 2017

Featuring GySgt Tamara Woody

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A little about Team SPMAGTF Forerunners...

Many thanks to SFS Brenda Garth for referring GySgt Woody and her Platoon for our support this month!

Woody writes, "I am a married Gunnery Sergeant of Marines and mother of three handsome young men, one of which is a Marine. I have been assigned a platoon to deploy with and provide logistical support for the mission. Our jobs range from Supply to Maintenance and we come from all over the world."

Tamara adds, "What is unique about my platoon is that we have never worked together and have been teamed up to attach to a VMM Squadron, so every day we are learning each other's personalities and adjusting very well."

"My platoon ages range from 19 to 40's and a lot of the Marines are experiencing their first deployment and first time away during the holidays, while some of us have had several deployments. Typically the deployments during the major holidays can cause holiday blues and although we will not be home for the holidays, we will be with our 'government issued' family. I have some Marines that don't receive mail or packages, so these packages really brighten their day," Woody shares.

Special Requests...

Tamara writes, "We have a small PX that frequently runs out of hygiene items, laundry soap, and just about any high demand item. The lines can be very long once the shelves have been restocked. I have two vegan Marines and vegan snacks would be great for them because they can't eat most food that we receive here."