Team Wolfpack Baking Angels ~ December 2020

Featuring 1st SGT Vashti Torres

*Registration is now closed! Thanks to all for your support!

A little about Team Wolfpack...

Cindy's Baking Angels is so proud to support 1st SGT Torres once again during her deployment! Our Angels are very familiar with Vashti and her love of reading. We are looking forward to sending our Angel TLC to Vashti and her Buddies this holiday time!

Vashti writes, "Team Wolf Pack operates primarily out of Camp Humphreys in South Korea and is a group comprised of approximately 50-60 Soldiers. These Soldiers are comprised of experts in signals intelligence, intelligence systems maintenance, and the military police personnel who secure those areas.

In addition to the main base in Camp Humphreys, two small detachments containing four personnel each work in remote, austere environments close to the Demilitarized Zone. These detachments both also house each detachments’ canine partner, animals financed and cared for by the unit as a source of morale for Soldiers in these secluded areas."

"As the holidays approach, Team Wolf Pack would appreciate decorations to spread holiday cheer as well as the delicious baked goods the Angels provide. Holiday note cards to write home to friends are family would be greatly appreciated. Some items that are harder to find in Korea are some of the ethnic body and hair care products. Otherwise, the Team is grateful simply for the care and time put into these packages," adds Vashti.

Special Requests...