Team USS Ronald Reagan Air Crew Baking Angels ~ November 2016

Featuring Jordan Barrett

A little about Team USS Ronald Reagan Air Crew....

I'm pleased to announce that we have a Navy recipient for one of our November teams! Many thanks to Jordan's mother, Melissa Barrett, for reaching out and sharing her son with us.

There's quite a Military legacy in the Barrett family. Melissa shares, "We are a PROUD Military Family. My husband was a Submariner and now we have our FMF Navy Corpsman who has been in over four years. He is a field marine doctor, and then Jordan who has been in since January."

I know our Angels will be excited to bring their Angel TLC to Jordan and his Buddies.

Melissa continues, "Jordan was in Sea Cadets for three years, while his Navy Dad ran the program. After that he attended a Military Academy where he did ROTC for three years. Jordan always dreamed of joining the Navy just like his Dad and his older brother Jake who is an FMF Navy Corpsman, Field Marine Doc, who has been in over four years.

Jordan went to Boot Camp just three months after turning 18 and he was the youngest Recruit who graduated in his Boot Camp class.  

Jordan and his Corpsman Brother Jake after Jordan's graduation

Jordan's dad spent ten years in the Navy as an MM Machinist Mate on a Submarine and held the record of earning his Dolphins in record time! Jordan works on the flight deck which on the Documentary I watched on the Reagan is the most dangerous job there is on an aircraft carrier! The Reagan is stationed out of Japan and he will spend his tour there."  

Special Requests....

Melissa writes, "Jordan would love anything home baked! Especially cookies or banana bread! Baking together was always one of our favorite things to do since he was a little boy old enough to pull the chair up to the counter. Jordan also loves beef jerky, trail mixes, nuts, granola bars, protein bars, and Propel drink mixes for water bottles. He said the water on the ship is terrible! He loves sour gummy worms and Nutella."