Team USS Fitzgerald Emergency Relief~ June 2017

Featuring USS Fitzgerald Sailors


Registration for Team USS Fitzgerald Emergency Relief is now closed. Thank you to all our Angels for your incedible support!

Team USS Fitzgerald

We are being called to action once again and this time it's for our Sailors aboard the USS Fitzgerald! As you've no doubt read, the USS Fitzgerald recently collided with the Philippine-flagged ACX Crystal container ship. Seven brave Sailors lost their lives and now many more have been impacted by the loss of everything they own due to flooding in the berthing compartments.

It's time to bring the fun and a taste of home with our fabulous Angel Goodie packages while we help the USS Fitzgerald return to normalcy. News coming in is that their basic needs have been met, but what about the extras that have been such a morale boost for our Sailors? Please see our Revised Suggested Items below!

We have 32 Angels on board as of this writing! We've had an amazing response! Their shipments are flying out the door with the vitals our Sailors have requested. It's been positively amazing!

The Navy & Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) is also accepting donations and is the main source for monetary donations at this time.



Thank you to our Angels for their absolutely tremendous support of the USS Fitzgerald! You are making such a difference in the lives of our Sailors! Enjoy a few pictures of our Angels' Goodie Packages!