Team USAF Ammo 2 Baking Angels ~ March 2017

Featuring MSgt Stephen Paynter

Members of Team USAF Ammo 2 awaiting c-17 engines to warm them up in Bangor, Maine before deployment.

A little about Team USAF Ammo 2....

You may remember that back in December we supported USAF Ammo with Chet Wood. Chet's replacement has arrived and we are excited about the opportunity to support our Airmen during their new deployment. Thank you, Chet, for referring Stephen and his Buddies for our Angel support!

MSgt Paynter writes, "Great to hear from you and I really appreciate all that you and your Angels do to support me and my coworkers while we are away from home. I cannot tell you how much it means to these men and women when they receive that kind of love and support from home."

Stephen also shares a bit about their military role. "Our group consists of 55 hardworking airmen in the Munitions career field. Our group consists of 5 women and 50 men. We are classified as maintainers but our maintenance is not performed on aircraft but on the munitions, that put the FORCE in Air Force.

We are a close-knit career field with a unique sub culture that is cultivated by the fact that we are always placed far afield from other organizations due to the danger of the assets that we deal with on a daily basis. I know most active duty members are proud of their career field, but without the hard work of these airmen, the Air Force would be just another airline."

Stephen also adds, "We are here supporting A-10 sorties. Not the prettiest or fastest of planes but from a munitions troops perspective it's one of the meanest birds around. Basically, a titanium bathtub sitting on top of an an enormous cannon, capable of carrying almost all the different types of munitions we deal in."

Our Angels are looking forward to sharing their Angel TLC with our Airmen. Thank you for the opportunity!

Special Requests....

Stephen writes, "We appreciate anything you all send from letters to sweets and anything that might bring a touch of home to some people that are spending 6 months plus away from their families (half of our group for the first time in their military career).

We came from Tucson so it is a little cooler here than what we are used to so maybe quilts, hats, or anything else."