Team Truck Company Maintenance Baking Angels October ~ 2022

Featuring PFC Logan Ramirez

Thank you to all of our Angels who supported Team Truck Company Maintenance! Our Team is now closed for registration.

A little about Team Truck Company Maintenance...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Diana Ramirez for referring her son, Logan and his Buddies, for our Angel support this month. Our Angels are looking forward to supporting them.

Diana shares, "Logan came home one day of his senior year and out of the blue said he had talked to a recruiter and was going to consider signing up for The Marines. Well, of course, it threw me off a bit and my mom instinct said, 'Hey, maybe think about reserves or National Guard.' Nope. His reply was “It’s all in or nothing.” That’s been his motto always."

Logan and Mother Diana

"He then said he just wanted to serve his country. ❤️  Gotta love and respect that. He’s always been into mechanics and welding. So he decided to put that to use in The Marine Corp and that’s what’s he’s doing," adds Diana. 

"Logan is half American and half Hispanic and his love of his Hispanic heritage is strong as well. He loves listening to the music and also the Mexican candies and snacks as well.

It makes me happy to think he has maybe found his “niche” working in the shop where he is because he said there are quite a few Latinos there as well and they all listen to music while working," shares Diana.

Diana also writes, "He’s always been a kind thoughtful human being with a heart so big I’m not sure how it fits in his chest!! I just wanted to give him a reason to smile and to know that many people care about our Military no matter where they are."    

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