Team 1/1 Alpha Co 3rd Platoon Tomahawks Baking Angels ~ December 2021

Featuring Sgt Kylloe Goedert

* Our Team is now closed. Thank you to all our Angels who joined to make this a very special Christmas for our Troops!

A little about Team 1/1 Alpha Co 3rd Platoon Tomahawks...

Cindy's Baking Angels wants to thank Dee Ann Goedert for referring her son for our support this month! Our Angels will take very good care of Kylloe and his Buddies.

Dee Ann writes, "Kylloe is the oldest of five children. He has been in the Marines for four years and been with 1/1 Alpha Company since he joined the fleet. He is now a Sgt and 0311 in an infantry unit out of Camp Pendleton on 11th MEU."

"Kylloe enjoys hunting, fishing, hanging out with family, wrestling, playing Chess and Spades and reading books by Clive Cussler," adds Dee Ann.

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