Team Tigersharks Baking Angels ~ Sept. 2014

Featuring CPT Justin Stewart

* See Updates Below!

A little about Team Tigersharks

This month's team was nominated by wife, Lauren Stewart, who is expecting their second child in September! If that weren't special enough, it's also Justin's birthday month! This will be a doubly exciting month for Justin and his Battle Buddies. Lots of celebrating to go around with our Angels' support!

Lauren writes, "My husband is the commander of a company of Apache Helicopters and approximately 35 soldiers. He loves his job and the soldiers he leads. I thought this would be a nice way to provide a little taste of home for the whole unit! He is an avid fan of anything outdoors and the father of a 2 year old daughter with another daughter on the way due to be born while he is gone."

Justin shares some insight into his background as the Commander of a Company of Attack Apache Helicopters.

"I enlisted in the Army right after 9/11 before entering my third year of college. I was in the Infantry and stationed in Germany before I deployed to Iraq in 2003 for 15 months. I ended up getting accepted for an Army scholarship to return to Oregon State University and completed a degree in Business Administration in 2007. I was commissioned in the Army as a second Lieutenant and went to flight school in late 2007. I met my wife while in flight school and we got married right before graduation in December 2009.

In early 2010 I deployed out of Fort Riley Kansas to Iraq again as a Platoon Leader for and Attack Apache Helicopter Platoon. Our family moved to Fort Rucker, AL in 2012 and then moved to Fort Lewis, WA in late 2013. I then deployed to Afghanistan in early 2014 as a Commander of a Company of Attack Apache Helicopters where I am currently at. Tigersharks is the name of our Apache Task Force. Serpents is the specific name of Alpha Company."

Special Requests

Justin has some ideas for his wish-list! "Baked goods will probably be the highlight. Cookies, brownies, or whatever they would like to bake that will last a week or so of being in the mail sometimes. Snacks that we could take out on missions and put in our pockets, like power bars or any sort of protein bars or granola bars. Basic toiletries are always nice: Tooth paste, shaving cream, deodorant, foot powder. Again, anything is appreciated! My guys are not picky."

I'm confident our Angels can fulfill Justin and Team Tigersharks wish-list!


Team Updates:

Cindy's Baking Angels are shipping their wonderful Angel Goodie Boxes to Team Tigersharks! A few pictures are emerging. Enjoy and thanks to all for your support of our Troops and our Mission.

From Angel Renee...her Company Employee's Club spread the wealth and supported all 7 teams on Bakinggals this month! Thank you, Renee and all for your wonderful support!!

From Angels Cindy, Amy, and Julie....Chocolate peanut butter Rice Krispy Treats, Reeses Smoosh Brownies, and Lemon Sugar, Ranger, and Gingerbread cookies! Thank you, Amy and Julie for a great group effort!

From Angel Peggy...always fun to see what she has in store for our Troops! Thank you, Peggy!!

From Angel Beth...homemade goodies any Troop will love plus a special Team Blanket! Thanks, Beth!

From Angel Brooke....Angel delectables plus some much needed comfort items heading to Team Tigersharks! Thanks, Brooke!