Team TF ODIN Baking Angels ~ March 2019

Featuring SSG Contessa Rose

  Team TF ODIN is now closed. Many thanks to all our Angels who supported our Team this month!

A little about Team TF ODIN...

Team TF ODIN, with SSG Contessa Rose and her thirty-five Buddies, is our second March Team. Many thanks to SSG Contessa Rose for her help in coordinating Team TF ODIN. Our Angels are excited to be able to support TF ODIN once again.

Contessa shares, “Task Force ODIN is a team of Military Intelligence, Pilots, Support, and Contractor personnel that all work together as a team to make mission happen. From the lowest rank to the highest rank we are an Aerial-Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance group who are constantly deploying and away from family. However, TF ODIN is a family that watch each other grow, lead, and eventually depart back to their units as we are made up of many.”

She adds, “We support each other in continuing our careers through reenlistments, graduations from schools, or welcoming them to the ranks of a Noncommissioned Officer. Task Force ODIN remains focused on providing dedicated, reliable and relevant intelligence support to the Train, Advise, and Assist mission across Afghanistan.”

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