Team Station 6 Baking Angels ~ April 2022

Featuring Craig Dennis

*Team Station 6 is now closed for registration. Thanks to all Angels who supported our Team this month!

A little about Team Station 6...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Pamela Dennis, Craig's mother, for referring her son and his Buddies for our support this month. Our Angels will take very good care of them!

Pamela writes, "They are a group of firefighters/1st responders. Some of them originated from Luke Air Force Base in Arizona and a couple from Scott AFB in Illinois, and a couple NG too from Midwest. In the photo below they are in the red shirts. Craig is on the far right."

Pamela adds, "He is from Peoria, Arizona and was born in Indianapolis and is still a Colts fan.  He also is a huge hockey fan and loves the Las Vegas Golden Knights team."

"He had gotten a football scholarship of his own and prior to beginning, he decided he wanted to enlist in the Air Force instead. He is a firefighter and a nationally registered EMT and he achieved that certification just prior to leaving!!  He is an Sr Airman," shares Pamela.

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