Team Spirit of Freedom Baking Angels ~ August 2015

* See Photos and Updates Below!

Featuring AN Emily Watson

A little about Team Spirit of Freedom

Emily's nomination this month comes from her mother Margie and grandmother Kay. A big thanks goes out to these two women for all of their assistance in creating Emily's team!

Margie writes, "Emily shipped out on the USS George Washington and this is her first deployment."

Emily shares, "My deployment is going well. I work next to three captains. I work up in the tower that oversees the entire flight deck. I have to report the location of every plane, know what kind of plane it is, keep records of which plane is on deck or in the air. It's really fun and a lot of mental work! I walk up and down 12 flights of ladderwells at least 10 times a day!"

Grandma Kay writes, "We would love for some wonderful goodies to be sent to her to munch!" Margie mentioned to me that this is her birthday month and it would be great sending her some birthday treats. She also bunks with five females and works out with both male and females in the gym.

I'm sure our Angels will provide some needed goodies for Emily and her Buddies so she can keep up her energy for all those ladderwells and mental work keeping track of those planes!

Special Requests

Team Updates:

Thank you, Angels, for making this a very successful month! Emily is going to receive some incredible Angel TLC and I'm sure it will put broad smiles on her and her Buddies' faces! Here are a few pictures that are arriving!

From Angel Melynda....a special goodie box filled with comfort items and a snacks for Emily and her Buddies! Thank you, Melynda, for your support!

From Angel Gena...loads of sweet treats and comfort items for our team. Thank you, Gena, for supporting our Troops!

From Angel Peggy....each month Peggy creates inspiring Goodie Boxes for our Troops. Thank you, Peggy, for your support over the years!

From Angel Ale...many thanks for your continuing support and great goodies for our Troops!

From Angel Virginia...more cookie goodies for our Troops! Thank you, Virginia!

From Angels Cindy & Carolyn...many thanks for providing such great goodies to our Troops!