Team Papa Ray's Pirates Baking Angels ~ July 2021

Featuring SGT Cody Ray

* Our Team is now closed for registration. Thank you to all of Angels who supported Cody and his Buddies!

A little about Team Papa Ray's Pirates...

Many thanks to Heidi Ray for referring her son, Cody, for our Angel support this month! Our Angels will take very good care of Cody and his Buddies during their Deployment.

Heidi shares, "Marine SGT Cody Ray was born and raised in Michigan. He graduated, had his 18th birthday, and left for Boot Camp all in one week in June of 2012."

He has been married for 5 years and has a 2 1/2 yr old baby girl who misses him so much (she’s a daddy girl). They reside in Jacksonville, NC while the rest of his family is still in Michigan. This is the last picture that was taken of Cody before deployment. It is with his little girl, Savannah," adds Heidi.

Heidi writes, "The other picture is of Cody, his wife, Kristen, and Savannah. His wife has got a lot on her plate besides dealing with their daughter who misses and doesn’t understand why daddy is gone and if he’s coming back. Her mom’s health is declining, also. Right before Cody left, his grandpa died, who was more of a dad to him. His Troop is out of Camp Lejeune, NC. We need to brighten their spirits and keep them in our thoughts."

Rest assured, Heidi, our Angels will buoy their spirits with their incredible goodie packages!

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