Team Ordinance Baking Angels ~ March 2021

Featuring LCpl Nelson Labiano

*Team Ordinance is now closed. Thanks to all our Angels for your wonderful support!

A little about Team Ordinance...

Cindy's Baking Angels is pleased to support LCpl Nelson Labiano and his Buddies this month! Many thanks to Alisha, his mother, for her assistance. Our Angels will take very good care of him and his Buddies!

Alisha shares, "LCpl Nelson Labiano's senior year in high school; he enrolled into the Delayed Entry Program. He set goals and crushed them one by one. With the first goal set and achieved to become a Squad leader as a poolee he set higher goals to be a Squad leader in Boot Camp and graduate as PFC. He moved on to finish all schooling and on to his first deployment before even going to his PDS."


"His path has always been leading him in a different direction. Labiano has played soccer since he was five years old either in Leagues, Clubs, for the school he has attended, or just for fun with his friends. However, after his "twin" sister became a Marine just two years before, he chose to be a brother by blood and brotherhood," Alisha adds.

Alisha writes, "Now being deployed, Labiano gets to hike, travel, explore & still plays the game he loves with fellow Jarheads."

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