Team Mortarmen Baking Angels ~ September 2022

Featuring LCpl Julian Samanieg, LCpl Jared Howe, LCpl Christian Figueroa, and LCpl Dominic Porpiglia

Thank you to all our Angels who supported our Team this month. This Team is now closed for registration.

A little about Team Mortarmen...

Many thanks to Dena Samaniego-Fidler for referring her son, Julian and his Buddies, for our support this month. Our Angels will take very good care of them.

Dena shares, "Courage. Honor. Commitment. These Marine Corps values are now embedded into our four sons. What have they gained beyond these values? Brotherhood. We are grateful to introduce you to a group of young men, all a part of Weapons Company, 81mm Mortar Platoon, who are now embarking on their first deployment together.

This group describes their role as the following: "We are 0341's, Mortarman, Infantry. We blow stuff up and shoot guns. We support 0311's with indirect fire." 

Jeanie shared, "Jared's goal in life was to always be the best that he could be, and that's why he chose the Marine Corps."

Cynthia describes her son Christian as "a sweet, caring, and loving young man. The world's best friend!"

Dena shared, "Julian is a natural born leader, a role model, and an inspiration. I couldn't be more proud!"

Stephanie describes her son Dominic as "determined, loyal and protective. He gives his all and he cares for those around him."

"All 4 MoM's have connected across the country, support each other whole heartedly, and have become one family," adds Dena.

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