Team Mighty Ducks Baking Angels ~ December 2017

Featuring LCPL Abagail R. Hall

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A little about Team Mighty Ducks...

A big thank you to 'Momma Duck', Lisa Hall, for referring your daughter Abagail, affectionately known as 'Baby Duck.'

Lisa shares, "Abagail "Baby Duck" is the youngest of 3 children and the only girl....her brothers helped to make her tough. She grew up in a small town in Kentucky and finished high school in the top of her class. We thought she would go on to college but that just didn't seem to fit her. So since both her brothers joined the Army National Guard as Medics right out of high school, she said she saw something in the military she liked.

She is a 20 year old young lady that decided before she finished high school that the Marine Corp was where she wanted to be. She has been a Marine since December 2015, completed MCT in February 2016, and went on to her MOS school. She is an Intel Specialist and has been in California for a year and is currently deployed.

She loves to read and learn new things and loves to travel which is partly why she joined the see the world. She is a Religious and Patriotic young lady who puts God first, country and family. She is very much Loved and missed and respected for the bravery she has showed in her decision to join the Marines and serve our great country."

Lisa adds, "I would like to thank you for the care packages of goodies and love that will be sent to our Daughter and her unit. It is greatly appreciated by her Dad and I. We have been adopted into the military lifestyle and are trying to make the best of it but these separations are the hardest, but we know they are working to keep us all safe."

Our Angels will take very good care of Abagail and know that she and her Buddies will have a grand Christmas with our Angel TLC!


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