Team MEU Crew Baking Angels ~ November 2015

Featuring John Humphreys

*Our Team is now closed. Thanks to all for your support! See our updates below!

A little about Team MEU Crew.....

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to support Marine John Humphreys! Many thanks to his mother, Mary Humphreys for her assistance in creating our team. You may recall that Mary's son, Ryan with Team Red Cloud, was also a recipient back in 2014. We are happy to be able to continue to support her sons during their deployments!

John Humphreys (left) and ryan humphreys (right)

Mary writes, "John enlisted in the Marine Corps four months after his brother, Ryan, returned home from boot camp. (Ryan was a previous Cindy's Baking Angel recipient.) John is stationed at Camp Lejeune along with his brother and cousin, Bruce. This is John's second deployment with the 26th MEU."

Special Requests


Team Updates!

Thanks to all of our Angels for supporting Team MEU Crew this month! John is very excited about receiving all of your Angel TLC! Enjoy a few pictures of our Angel Goodie Boxes heading to John and his Buddies!

From Angel Gena....thank you for your ongoing support of our Troops! They are in for some special treats!

From Angels Cindy, Carolyn, and Susan! Thank you, ladies, for supporting our Troops at my "Pack & Ship" get together!

From Angel Peggy, who has been with me for four years and never misses a chance to shower our Troops with her special brand of Angel TLC! Thank you, Peggy!!