Team Linewalkers Baking Angels ~ April 2015

Featuring Marine PFC Christopher Madden

*See Team Updates Below!

A little about Team Linewalkers and Christopher

A big thank you goes out to Christopher's mother, Kelli Brandt Madden Morris, for sharing her son with us this month and providing us with a little behind the scenes of Christopher and Team Linewalkers.

Kelli writes, "Chris became a Marine because he wanted to be more disciplined and travel the world. Chris has been traveling with friends and family since he was about 9 months old. His first adventure, with a friend, was when he was in pre-school at only 4 years of age. He went camping with his best buddy for two weeks and loved every minute of it and has been traveling ever since."

Christopher and Mother Kelli

Kelli continues, "Chris enlisted in the Marines and started training with his recruiter right away; Chris did training for two years before he finally went to boot camp. Chris is following in the footsteps of his Great Uncles who were also Marines. One of his Uncles was in WWII and the other two were in the Korean War. Only one came home alive. Chris is very proud to be serving his country in the best way he knows how."

Mom writes, "Chris is stationed at Camp Hansen Okinawa Japan and is working in the Bulk Fuel Unit. Chris’s job is to set up Tank Farms at different battle locations when necessary."

I have no doubt that our Angels will be able to provide Chris and his Buddies some wonderful Angel TLC! Here are a few ideas from Kelli.

Special Requests

Team Updates!

This has been an amazing month for Team Linewalkers! With 30 Angels on board supporting our team, I'm sure the Angel Goodie Boxes are going to be put to good use by our Troops! Thanks to all for your contributions!

From Angel Yasmin...who doesn't like Nutella? Great Angel Goodie Box for our Troops coming from Yasmin's kitchen and beyond! Thank you, Yasmin, for all you do for our Troops!

From Angel Paula...lovely snacks and comfort items our Troops are going to really appreciate! Thank you, Paula, for your wonderful support!

From Angel Peggy...always a treat to see what Peggy's packs for our Troops! Thank you, Peggy, for your tremendous support of our Troops!

From Angel Lisa P....Troops always enjoy some cool reading material and with snacks to go with it...what a delight! Thank you, Lisa, for your ongoing support!

From Angel Renee...great choices of comfort items and treats for our Troops! Thank you, Renee, for being there for our Troops!

Three boxes shipped out this month to our Team from Angel Cindy and friends!

These are my Angels, Amy, Julie, Sandy, and Carolyn. We meet every month and they bring their cookies, brownies, Rice Krispy Treats and so much more for our Troops! Thank you, my friends!

Angels Julie, Sandy, Carolyn, and Cindy (me)

From Angels Julie, Carolyn, Amy, and Sandy. A lovely Angel Goodie Box filled with treats for our Troops!


From Angel Wendy....snacks and homemade cookies are sure to delight our Troops! Thank you, Wendy, for sharing with our Soldiers!