Team Koyote Baking Angels ~ April 2016

Featuring CW2 Samuel Bowman

Samuel & wife Jenna Bowman

A little about Team Koyote....

Samuel's love of family and country is very evident as Jenna, his wife and mother of their three children, shares with us. Thank you, Jenna, for your assistance with Team Koyote and sharing Samuel with us! Our Angels are looking forward to showering Samuel and his Buddies with some incredible Angel Goodie Boxes!

Jenna writes, "He is in the Army National Guard, and is a Blackhawk pilot. During this deployment he is the battalion tach ops guy, and does the tach ops for 2 of the companies as well.

A little history, he always wanted to be a helicopter pilot, and joined the military as infantry, for the school tuition reimbursement. He went to a civilian helicopter school, and completed the program there.

Then about a year later, he applied and was accepted into the military flight program! He became an officer and completed the army helicopter flight program, and loves his job!

He competed in junior warrant officer of the year in 2014, and won. The year after, he was awarded the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award. He takes his military career seriously, and always does his best."

Samuel with wife Jenna and children

Jenna shares some insight into Samuel, the family man. She writes, "He is a family man, first and foremost. We have 3 beautiful children, ages 6, 4 and 2 who he was devastated to leave, and they were heartbroken to say goodbye to their daddy. He would do anything for them, and is a wonderful example to them. As soon as he would get home from work, he would put everything else aside and spend time with our little love bugs, making sure they know he loves them and is interested in everything they are doing.

He also serves in our church, in various positions. Most recently he was one of the Boy Scout leaders, and was a great teacher and leader for them as well. He is often the 'go to guy' in our neighborhood when someone needs help with something, he is very handy and can fix almost anything, and is always willing to help. He goes out of his way to help others. He is excited to share any goodies received with as many of his battle buddies as he can." 

Jenna and Samuel

Special Requests

Jenna has provided a great list of goodies that will delight Samuel and his Buddies! Check them out, Angels, and see what you can do!

"He likes hot tamales, Swedish fish, and any kind of gum (except fruit flavored).  He loves all baked goods. He LOVES cheezits and chipotle Tabasco sauce! He also enjoys healthy snacks as well. Sunflower seeds, beef jerky, trail mix, nuts, freeze dried fruit, dried fruit, pretzels, crackers like wheat thins and triscuits, any kind of bars such as: lara bars, granola bars, cliff bars, fig bars. 
Lotion, Chapstick, stationary to write letters home.

He loves playing card/board games, and frequently gets together with the other soldiers to help pass the time."