Team Keen Baking Angels ~ March 2022

Featuring Alyssa Keen

*NOTE: Registration is now closed. Thank you, Angels for your incredible support!

A little about Team Keen...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Trish Keen for referring her daughter, Alyssa, for our Angel support this month. Our Angels are looking forward to sharing their Angel TLC with Alyssa and her Buddies.

Trish writes, "Alyssa is with SFS as an augmentee.  She’s with the Air Force as an Sra. She likes photography and is a great artist. She’s a daughter of two retired AF members. Her normal career field is finance. She is going to cross train into EOD. Her boyfriend is stationed at Dyess AFB as an EOD troop, Sra Cameron Keyes. Alyssa loves to volunteer in her community and play on a local soccer team where she is stationed at Holloman AFB."


"Brother Jax is in the Marines and is stationed in San Diego, CA, and her younger sister, Harlee, is 15. Alyssa also loves dogs," adds Trish. 

Special Requests...