Team Island Warriors Baking Angels ~ September 2015

Featuring Lt. Scott Cryer

Team Island Warriors is now closed. Thanks to all who supported them!

* See Team Updates Below!

A little about Team Island Warriors

Marty Cryer is one very proud Marine Mom and we thank her for assisting us in the creation of Team Island Warriors! Our Angels are excited about this opportunity to support Lt. Scott Cryer and his Island Warriors.

Scott writes, "My section is in charge of the logistics for the training and day to day operations of 2/3. The 2/3 is an infantry battalion and I am part of the Logistics section and UDP program."

Mom shares, "He was married on December 31st to his high school sweetheart, but had to return to TBS just two days after his wedding. After finishing
TBS, he left for his school, after which they moved to his duty station in Hawaii. They were together for about three weeks before he left on his deployment. So although they have been married for almost seven months, they have been together only about 6 weeks.

In spite of that, they both love being part of the Marine Corps. His father was a Marine who was part of the Multinational Peacekeeping Force in Beirut when the Marine Corps barracks was bombed in 1983. Scott's older brother is a helicopter pilot at Camp Pendleton, and his younger brother is in a Naval ROTC program. Both grandfathers and an uncle also are veterans, so being in the military is a family tradition."

We are proud to be able to support Scott during his deployment and look forward to showering him with loads of Angel Goodie Boxes to help keep our Marine's happy!

Special Requests

Scott writes, "Anything that is bad for you, Marines will love!"

Trail mix*
Good razors*
shaving cream
Quest bars
Protein bars
Cliff bars
Mexican candy (apparently it is an actual thing)
Gun and car magazines
Girl scout cookies*
peanut butter M&Ms
Pop Tarts
Dried Fruit
Action movies
Protein powder

Male Personal Hygiene Products

"I starred the ones that were requested many times, but all of them were requested at least twice. Thank you!"


Team Updates:

Cindy's Baking Angels are working hard to create some incredible Angel Goodie Boxes for our Troops this month. A few pictures are coming in that I want to share. Blessings and thanks to all of our Angels who share so wonderfully each and every month.

From Angels Cindy, Carolyn, Amy, and Susan....lots of delicious snacks, baked goodies, and comfort items for our Team this month. Thank you, ladies, for supporting our Troops!

From Angel Gena....thank you for your terrific support, Gena! Our Troops will love these special treats!

From Angel Liz....thank you for your marvelous support, Liz! Great comfort items and treats to help our Troops!

From Angel Peggy....a bundle of goodies and special comfort items are heading to our Troops this month. Thank you, Peggy, for always being there for our Troops!