Team Iron Knights Baking Angels ~ September 2015

Featuring SSG Joseph Potter

Team Iron Knights is now closed. Thanks to all who supported them!

* See Team Updates Below!

A little about Team Iron Knights...

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to announce we have a second team for September! Many thanks to Tara Rice Potter, Joseph's mother, for assisting in the creation of his team!

Tara writes, "I have nominated my son, Army Staff SGT. Joseph Potter. Joseph (goes by "Jobie") began his desire to be in the Army, in earnest, at the young age of three after receiving a package of the little green Army men toys. There was never any hint of wavering in this pursuit.

Being homeschooled, he was able to have his love for reading anything military related nurtured. For his 17th birthday his only request was for us to sign enlistment papers--and he left for basic two months later.

Jobie was in the 82nd Airborne for four years and then re-enlisted to Fort Carson so he could be back in the west and closer to his family in Idaho. Jobie has had three deployments and was promoted to a Staff SGT as well as earning the Expert Infantry Badge by the age of 24.

Currently he is deployed and works in the intelligence realm. This coming April after almost nine years of active service, Jobie will be moving back to Idaho as part of the Idaho National Guard continuing with Military Intelligence and attending Boise State University.

We are so proud our son and his love for his country, his service to our country, as well as his kind heart towards all he meets."

A mother's pride runs deep for her son and I know our Angels will do all they can to support Joseph and his Buddies!


Special Requests

Angels Note: Please label any baked goodies containing peanuts.


Team Updates:

Cindy's Baking Angels are working hard to create some incredible Angel Goodie Boxes for our Troops this month. A few pictures are coming in that I want to share. Blessings and thanks to all of our Angels who share so wonderfully each and every month.

From Angels Cindy, Carolyn, Amy, and Susan....lots of delicious snacks, baked goodies, and comfort items for our Team this month. Thank you, ladies, for supporting our Troops!

From Angel Jennie...sweet treats and some good reading material for our Troops. Thank you, Jennie, for your support!

From Angels Sandy....sweet treats and comfort items for our Troops. Thank you, Sandy, for your terrific support of our Troops!

From Angel Peggy....each month Peggy joins our teams and shares some incredible goodies including homemade pillowcases and neck rolls! Thank you, Peggy, for your continued support!