Team India Company Baking Angels ~ April 2023

Featuring Lcpl Zion Flores

Thanks to all our Angels who supported our Team! This team is now closed for registration.

Lcpl zion flores with his grandfather, retired mastery gunnery sergeant

A little about Team India Company...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Corinne Flores for referring her son, Zion, for our support this month. Our Angels are looking forward to supporting Zion and his Buddies!

Corinne writes, "Lcpl Zion Flores always dreamed about becoming a U.S. Marine like his grandfather, a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant. 

Zion signed up with a delayed entry program right after his 17th birthday and spent his 18th birthday in bootcamp. He wrestled and played football in high school, but the Marine Corp was always his end goal. He loves watching military movies and going to the gym.

He was part of the Marines that went through the new Infantry program, before finally hitting the fleet at Camp Horno. 

He is a proud Infantry Marine and has now embarked on his first deployment along with his Brothers of 3/1 from Camp Pendleton. They would appreciate any support while they embark on this new adventure." 

Special Requests....

They would be so appreciative of anything but some of their favorites and needed items are: