Team Impaler 2 Baking Angels ~ January 2023

Featuring SGT Shane McDevitt

Thank you to all our Angels for your wonderful support of Team Impaler 2!

News from Shane! We're so happy that Shane and his Buddies are enjoying their treats!

Shane writes, "The entire Impaler Platoon would like to say thank you so much to you and the rest of your angels. We received such an outpouring of support that we had to share with the rest of our platoon and even a few of the higher ups. What you and your angels do is incredible and every single one of us is deeply thankful. I know the junior Marines especially appreciate the taste of home while they're forward deployed."

A little about Team Impaler 2...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Marvie McDevitt for recommending her son, Shane, for our support this month.

Marvie writes, "Shane McDevitt is my son and serves in the Marine Corps as a Sergeant. He graduated boot camp from Parris Island in 2016. He was stationed in King’s Bay, GA, then moved to Twentynine Palms, CA in 2019." 

"In preparation for this deployment, his squad has completed training in the desert, mountains, jungles, and on naval ships. His squad is now forward deployed in the Western Pacific region. They will continue to train hard, develop new skills, and work with partner forces while experiencing a new culture, new food, and new environment," adds Marvie.

Marvie shares, "As they will be away from home for the holidays, many of them for the first time, please consider supporting Team Impaler 2."

Our Angels are looking forward to suporting Shane and his Buddies! We will take very good care of them. Thank you again, Marvie, for sharing him with us.

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