Team Guns 4 Goons Baking Angels ~ February 2019

Featuring LCpl Christopher Corliss

Team Guns 4 Goons appreciates all the support it has received. This Team is now closed. All Angels who registered need to ship their packages no later than February 5, 2019. Thank you again!

A little about Team Guns 4 Goons...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Anita Graft, Christopher's mother, for referring him for our Angel support this month. Our Angels are thrilled to be able to lend their Angel TLC to Christopher and his Buddies during their deployment.

Anita writes, "Chris is from the beach cities of CA; he joined the Marines in the Summer of 2016. He is the 2nd of 4 kids (3 boys and the youngest a girl) and he just was sent on his first deployment. He is based out of North Carolina and is a canoneer."

Thank you again, Anita, and know that we'll take very good care of Christopher and his Brothers.

Special Requests...

It's important to note that they are living under extreme conditions at this time. It's very cold and they have no heat. I'm urging that you ship warm weather items as a priority. Warm weather items have been included on our Cindy's Baking Angels Amazon Wishlist. You can ship directly from Amazon to Chris and his Buddies by using their shipping address when provided in our Newsletter. Donations are also encouraged and I will ship directly to them. Thank you!