Team G32 Aviation "Throat Punch" Baking Angels ~ September 2016

Featuring SGT Stefanie Kornegay

All about SGT Stefanie Kornegay...her military role and aspirations....

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to be of support to SGT Kornegay and her Buddies during their deployment. Thank you, Stefanie, for providing such wonderful insight into your military career, dreams, and aspirations.

SGT Kornegay writes, "I serve as the deployed Operations NCOIC for ARCENT G32. I develop and maintain training records; monitoring; schedule and prepare training by assisting Soldiers in personnel actions; schedule facility school attendance; and plan and execute unit mobilization plans. I attend schools and conferences as required and operate DTMS and other training systems. I maintain positive control of over $80,000 worth of equipment and is responsible for coaching, teaching, mentoring, and overall health and welfare of five U.S. Soldiers."

Team G32 Aviation "Throat Punch"

"In depth, I organize, catalog, and update orders and instructions from higher headquarters. Facilitate the Military Decision Making Process through the management of the Current Operation equipment, systems, and automation requirements. Oversee directorate administration to include: awards, evaluations, and other actions; perform as Information Management Officer for FWD and CCP systems; and oversee tactical and non-tactical vehicles sourcing and maintenance. Represents the G32 SGM and interfaces with USARCENT and CAB senior enlisted leaders. As the Non-Commission Officer in Charge (NCOIC), consists of additional duties that extends from administrative, training, supply and logistic, transportation, and communication."

Stefanie writes, "My full name is Stefanie Yellow-Moon Weeks Toost Blu Marie Rainge Kornegay. I am Native American, Irish, and Black and am 28 years old. I have two wonderful children. I earned a certificate of completion in the Criminal Justice Program from the Vocational Skill Center in Tumwater, WA and have earned an Associate’s Degree in Multi-Media and Web Development from University of Phoenix.

Additionally have graduated from Aviation Operation Planning School at Fort Rucker, AL, and Warrior Leadership Course at Fort McCoy, WI. Furthermore, I have three years on the job training as 42A-Human Resource Specialist and two years on the job training as 92A Logistic Specialist."

Team G32 Aviation

She continues, "My career goal in life is to become an Information Technology Manager with a concentration in Multi Media and Web Development."

SGT Kornegay states, “I have this gravitational pull toward the arts. I cannot explain it, this urge that makes me want to create, to be creative! The most logical career that came to mind in this fast moving technological society is computers. I'll be able to keep up with the fast times and still incorporate my creative side. I have begun to notice in life that there are many road blocks ahead. Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what’s even scarier? Regret!

People always tell me to find a way around these road blocks I have encountered. But that is not the way to do it; I must take that road block and turn it into a stepping stone to reach my fear, then ultimately overcome that fear. So here I am, facing my fear, pushing aside all of the reason why this deployment is wrong for me and while earning my Bachelor Degree.”

We wish SGT Kornegay the best of luck in all of her endeavors! She is an inspiration and our Angels are excited about the opportunity to support Team G32 Aviation "Throat Punch!"

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