Team Evil Eyes Baking Angels ~ July 2019

Featuring Captain James Cryer

* Team Evil Eyes is now closed. Thank you to all for your wonderful Angel support!

James is on the left in the above photo. He is standing next to his youngest brother who is a student Naval aviator, following in his brother's footsteps. 

A little about Team Evil Eyes...

Many thanks to Marty Cryer for referring her son, James, for our Angel support this month! We're looking forward to supporting James!

Marty writes, "Jim is a Huey helicopter pilot stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA, where he lives with his wife of four years. He has been in the Marines for seven years and is part of a military family. His father and one brother are Marines and his youngest brother is in flight school for the Navy."

"The photo of the helicopter is him flying a water drop during the California forest fires last year," writes Marty.

"He is part of the Aviation Combat Element that combines Marines and Sailors from 18 different units pulling together as the Evil Eyes in the sky for the 11th MEU. He depends on the enlisted Marines and Sailors working under him to keep aircraft ready and flying and will share care package items with them," adds Marty.

James is in the center of above photo.

Special Requests...

Marty shares, "His squadron adopted a pirate theme for their deployment, so a pirate themed item or two might be a fun for them. Jim mentioned it may take 2-4 weeks for packages to reach them, so baked goods should be double or triple-wrapped. Chocolate will melt, so please do not send chocolate candy."