Team Detachment Brussels Baking Angels ~ September 2021

Featuring Ryan Tugas

News from Ryan! "Hi everyone! Just wanted to say thank you for everything on behalf of my Detachment! They all enjoyed the goodies and treats y’all sent in and we’re all grateful! Here’s a photo from us unboxing the first few boxes that came in but a week or so after we received many more!"

Ryan (left) received his 3rd Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal in May of 2021, alongside Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Stahlecker (right), which was presented to him in front of the Devil Dog Fountain at Belleau Wood, France. 

A little about Team Detachment Brussels...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Angela Winternheimer for referring her son, Ryan and his Buddies, for our Angel support! Our Angels are looking forward to sharing their stellar TLC with them!

Angela shares, "Ryan is my oldest son and second of my three Marine children. He’s been in the Marine Corps since 2013 and is currently a Staff Sergeant serving his 3rd year of Marine Security Guard Duty in Brussels, Belgium where his detachment provides security for not only the U.S. Embassy there, but also for the U.S. Offices at NATO headquarters."

Ryan took this photo, of most of the detachment, in front of the The Atomium, a landmark in Brussels, originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair.  The Atonium is a replica of an iron atom but I think these men are real “iron men”!

"Prior to serving in Belgium he served over a year each in Namibia and Peru. During his down time he likes to go exploring and is an amateur photographer. He even took his detachments annual photograph this year," she adds.

A few of the Detachment Brussels Marines celebrating Independence Day on July 4th, 2021. 

"Because of the Covid pandemic Ryan has not been able to come home since February 2020. With the requirements for quarantine time when traveling, stateside leave has been on hold for almost everyone for the most part. As you can imagine this has created additional stress for Embassy Detachment Marines. When Marines serve on MSG duty they can not be married and therefore they have no family with them, with the exception of the Detachment Commander, so their fellow detachment Marines become very important in supporting each other along with support from home. Thank goodness for the internet so we can chat fairly easily," writes Angela.

Angela says, "While Marines serving in Embassy detachments don’t have the hardships of MEU or foreign soil deployments they do still miss the comforts of home and with the added stressors of the pandemic some are really struggling."


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