Team Desert Bulldogs Baking Angels ~ December 2014

Featuring SRA Thomas E. Turcios

* Team Updates Below!

News from Thomas! Our boxes are arriving and he and his buddies are sending "big hugs and huge thanks" to all our Angels! Thank you, Thomas, for the photos! We're glad you are enjoying our Angel TLC!

Here's Thomas opening up one of our Angel Goodie Boxes!

This is one of Thomas's Battle Buddies checking out our angels TLC!

A little about Thomas and Team Desert Bulldogs

This special December team was referred by SRA Turcios' mother, Lisa Lopez. Thank you, Lisa, for all of your assistance in creating your son's team!

Lisa shares a little about her son's service in the Air Force and the pride she has for him. Lisa writes, "I am very proud to say he is my son. His job is in Air Transportation. He loads the planes with supplies, vehicles, and at times our heroes! He is married to a wonderful girl and they have no children. He's my only son, but has three sisters."

Thomas is rooming with nine others and says it's very cold. I'm hoping to add a few more items to his wish-list. We want our Airmen warm and toasty!

Special Requests

Mom says, "He loves sugar cookies! Also beef jerky, refried beans, cupcakes, sour patch candy. He can also use some lotion, deodorant, and chapstick."

They have a microwave so soups, hot chocolate, apple cider, etc. would be good. Warm socks, gloves, fleece blankets, hand and toe warmer would go a long way in keeping our Airmen warm.

Being the holidays, I know my Angels will pack some delectable holiday Goodie Boxes full of surprises for our Troops!



Team Updates!

Our Angels are working feverishly to prepare their Angel Goodie Boxes. A very special thank you to them all for their ongoing support of our Troops and Cindy's Baking Angels! You ROCK!

From Angel Marla...loads of snacks and terrific holiday cards to our Troops from her 4th graders! Thank you all for your support!

From Angel Annette...luscious cookies for our Team! Thank you, Annette!

From Angel Angie...warmth and snacks coming to our Team! Thank you, Angie!

From Angel Lisa...great reading materials and snacks to keep our Troops! Thank you, Lisa!

From Angel Valerie...loads of snacks and toiletries on their way! Thank you, Valerie!

From Angel Betty...comfort items and snacks to aid our Troops! Thank you, Betty!

Team Desert Bulldogs

Team Desert Bulldogs

Team Desert Bulldogs

From Angel Gloria and friends...3 boxes of Goodies are heading to Team Military Police! Thank you all for your support of our Military!

From Angel Cindy...Christmas treats, pillowcases, and some fine reading plus more heading to our Team! God Bless!

From Angel and tasty treats soon to be devoured! Thank you!