Team Cougars Baking Angels ~ May 2016

Featuring BU3 Carolyn McEwen

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Team Cougars Baking Angels

A little about Team Cougars....

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to be of support to BU3 Carolyn McEwen and her Buddies during her deployment in Africa. McEwen was referred to us by Laura Bookler Mellenthin. Laura and I worked together at Granger Middle School for many years. Thank you Laura for the referral and Carolyn for giving us the opportunity to support you during your important mission!

McEwen writes, "I’m in the U.S. Navy and have been serving for six years. My kids started a program called "Operation We Care" at school and they chose the name 'Team Cougars' to represent the mascot of their school. They and their classmates are sending care packages to our Soldiers."

She adds, "I’m currently in Special Operations with SOCAF Africa in support of Seal Team. I’m attached to NMCB 22, and my rate is BU3 (Builder 3rd class..which I don't use this rate here)."

"I started my mission back in December 2015 and expect to finish this mission in September 2016. I have six kids back at home, a loving husband, who works full time as a police officer, and my mother and sister who also step in to help do my part. I'm also a police officer back at home."

Carolyn shares, "My kids' ages are 15, 15, 14, 12, 9, and 4. I love and miss them dearly. This is my first deployment and first time away from them this long. During this deployment I have been to four different countries in Africa and expect to do much more traveling throughout Africa. The deployment is for supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. My rate as a Builder is part of the 'Seabee's' which is a construction group in the Navy and the motto is "We build, We fight." (The construction group is on land not water.)

* Team Updates!

Thanks to all our Angels who supported Team Cougars! Enjoy a few pictures of their Goodie Boxes!