Team Comm-Vultures Baking Angels ~ August 2016

Featuring SSgt Thomas Church

* See Team Updates Below!

A little about Comm-Vultures....

This month we welcome another Air Force recipient! We are honored to be able to support SSgt Church and his Buddies.

Thomas writes, "I'm a SSgt with the 455 ECS Comm Focal point at Bagram Afghanistan. My crew has been here just over two months with another four to go. We have ten personnel in my work center with five Military and five Contractors. We as a Comm focal point handle all Air Force Comm issues on the base, from first line troubleshooting to outages and service interruptions."

Special Requests

Thomas is very modest in his requests. There are two females in SSgt Church's group. Please check back for updates to this list!

Team Updates!

August has been a very busy month for us, but our Angels have done a great job of shipping incredible Goodie Boxes to our Teams! Enjoy a few photos of their work! Thanks to all!

Team Comm-Vultures

These are my local Angels who meet with me each month for our Pack & Ship Parties! Thank you, Amy, Susan, Me, and Carolyn!

Team Comm-Vultures Team Comm-Vultures

Team Comm-Vultures Team Comm-Vultures

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