Team Colorado Air National Guard Baking Angels ~ February 2021

Featuring Jennifer Cooley

* Our Team is now closed. Thanks to all our Angels who supported this Team!

A little about Team Colorado Air National Guard...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Douglas Fessenden for nominating his co-worker Jennifer Cooley for our support this month. Our Angels are thrilled to be able to share their Angel TLC with Jennifer and her Buddies.

Douglas writes, "As a co-worker, veteran, and father of an active duty son myself, I thought it would be nice if some form of care packages could be sent to Jennifer and her team."

Douglas adds, "Jennifer works in Human Resources at Arapahoe County Colorado. She is a wife and mother of a young son and was Deployed about two months ago. It's been difficult for her son having his mother so far away."

I'm sure our Angels will bring some needed joy to Jennifer. Thank you for the opportunity!

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