Team Charlie Co 4th PLT - Combat Engineers Baking Angels

Our Team is now closed. Thanks to all who supported!

Featuring LCpl Colton Harris

A little about Team Charlie Co 4th PLT-Combat Engineers...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Bobbette Janssen for referring her son, Colton, for our Angel support this month. Our Angels are looking forward to supporting Colton and his Buddies! We will take very good care of them.

Bobbette writes, "Colton Harris is my son and a Combat Engineer. He is a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps. Colton wanted to be a Marine since he was ten or eleven years old. He graduated college (during Covid time) in December of 2020 with an associate degree in Process Technology. He stepped on the Footprints of Parris Island in March 2021 (after 2 weeks quarantine), and graduated from Parris Island on 7/9/21 as a Pfc. He went on to MCT at Camp Lejeune and graduated MOS school from Courthouse Bay at Camp Lejeune as a Combat Engineer in December of 2021. He has been at his PDS on the West Coast since December 2021 and has been a LCpl since October 2021."

"Colton is going on his first deployment this fall, on an MEU overseas, with other Combat Engineers, as well as their Infantrymen/Victor unit, a squad of HE, MAC and their staff and Officers," adds Bobbette.

Bobbette shares, "Since he will be gone (again) all the major holidays, as he was last year, plus his birthday again, I would be more than honored for him to be chosen."

Special Requests...

Bobbette shares, "Any items would be absolutely fabulous as he will be gone on deployment Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and his birthday January 24 as well as Valentines Day and Easter." Please use your wonderful imaginations, Angels! Deliveries can take up to 30 days, so plan your goodies accordingly.