Team Chaos Baking Angels ~ June 2017

Featuring Lcpl Lathen Godwin and his 12 Buddies!


A little about Team Chaos....

Many thanks to Leslie Dodson, Lathen's mother, for her support and assistance in creating Team Chaos!

Leslie writes, "Lathen is a Lance corporal. His MOSS is infantry and he is an expert Marksman. He's currently deployed with a weapons platoon and training with their foreign military."

Team Chaos Platoon Buddies

Leslie adds, "Lathen joined at 17, after graduating a year early from high school. He has two sisters that adore him and is from South Carolina. He has been overseas for three months, loves to read, and blow stuff up. Music is his passion. Anything you can send is appreciated!"

Special Requests....

Note: Team Chaos is an all male unit with 12 Buddies.


Thank you to all our Angels who supported Team Chaos! We had an amazing turn out as is evidenced by some of our Angel Goodie Package photos!

Team Chaos Pack 8 Ship Friends

Cindy's local Pack & Ship friends! Thank you, ladies, for your marvelous support!