Team Cau Duc is the Best Baking Angels ~ December 2019

Featuring Joseph Pham

* Thank you to all our Angels who supported Team Cau Duc is the Best! Our Team is now closed.

Team Cau Duc is the Best

A little about Team Cau Duc is the Best...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Christy Arnerich for referring her brother for our support during his deployment! Our Angels are looking forward to supporting Joseph and his Buddies!

Christy writes,"Joseph is the youngest of seven children; he has four brothers and two sisters. He was born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA.

As a Vietnamese American, his parents and a few of his older siblings were Vietnamese boat people. They fled their homeland with all of their faith and nothing much more than the clothes on their backs to obtain freedom."

Christy adds, "Joseph comes from a family who loves and respects America. Joseph is dearly loved by his family, especially his nieces and nephews."


"His nine month old niece, Anna, refers to him as 'Cau Duc'. Joseph is a beast. He is fun loving and always knows how to make his family and friends laugh. We are very proud of Joseph!" shares Christy.

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