Team CMO Baking Angels ~ February 2019

Featuring MAJ Gene Pursifull

Team CMO

Team CMO on a roof top in Baghdad.

A little about Team CMO....

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to announce that our first Team for February 2019 will be Team CMO Baking Angels! MAJ Gene Pursifull is our recipient and we're excited about the opportunity to support MAJ Pursifull and his group.

MAJ Pursifull writes, "I work in a part of the 3 star led coalition task force composed of over 78 countries & supporting organizations that is working to defeat ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. My part of the group focuses on monitoring the Stabilization efforts ongoing in Iraq by many of the international organizations. There are about 20 personnel in my group who come from different countries such as France, Germany, Australia, Spain, and Denmark. We spent a lot of time monitoring events and programs that affect the population."

Special Requests....

Gene writes, "Baked goods would be the greatest gift as you cannot buy them here."

Let's get those ovens going, Angels, and shower our Soldiers with loads of goodies! Please check back for updates to this list.