Team Blue Knights Baking Angels ~ June 2015

Featuring LCpl Robert Henry II

A little about Team Blue Knights

Debbie Porter Henry is another proud Marine Mom! Thank you, Debbie for contacting us to support your son during his deployment! We're proud and honored to be able to help.

Debbie shares, "Robert is from a small town, Henderson, West Virginia. He loved playing sports in school. Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and wrestling."

She continues, "He has always wanted to serve our country. He joined the USMC because he had always heard they were the toughest out there and if he was going to do it, he was going to be a Marine. His plans are to make a career out of the Military."

Note: We will also be supporting two of Robert's Buddies. LCpl Andrew Johnson and Cpl Nicholas Walsh with all shipments going to Robert.

Special Requests


Team Updates!

Many thanks to our Angels this month for supporting Team Blue Knights! The Goodie Box photos are beginning to emerge. See what's in store for our Troops!

From Angel Peggy....Captain America pillowcases and goodies for our Troops! Robert especially likes the pillowcase and is keeping it for himself. Thanks, Peggy, for your ongoing support of our Troops & Cindy's Baking Angels!

From Angel Mary Ann...tasty treats and comfort items for our team! Thank you, Mary Ann, for your loyal support of our Troops!

From Angel Virginia...tasty treats our Team will need to fuel their tanks! Thank you, Virginia for all you do!

From Angel Gena...loads of snacks packed in this Angel's Goodie Box! Thank you, Gena, for your support!

From Angel Cindy....boxes are in the beginning stages of packing...loads more goodies heading to our team!