Team Black Adders Baking Angels ~ Nov. 2014

Featuring MSG Eric Frey

Our Base Commander Maj Roskowski talking with the Task Force Volunteer Commander LTC Caughran

A little about Team New Kabul Compound Base Support Group, AKA Black Adders

This month's recipient was nominated by Kathie Sewell Leckey, Eric's mother. Thank you, Kathie, for allowing us this opportunity to support Eric and his Battle Buddies!

Eric writes, "I have been serving in the Oregon Army National Guard for 22 years and I am currently a Master Sergeant. In that time I have been deployed for one peacekeeping tour in Egypt, one Homeland Defense mission protecting a Chemical depot, one Tour in Iraq, and my current tour in Afghanistan.

I have been married to my wonderful wife for over 20 years and we have two sons, the oldest is a Sophomore in College and the youngest is a Junior in High School."

Our Construction OIC 1LT Greiber inspecting a local construction project improving a park in Kabul

Eric shares, "I am currently the New Kabul Compound Base Support Operations NCOIC. My team runs a base here in Afghanistan and we provide for the Life Support (Food, Water, Waste, Fuel etc), Health Support, Safety support and Morale, and Welfare and Recreation activities. Overall we support hundreds of Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Marines and Civilians from 12 different countries living and working on our base. We also provide work and business opportunities for hundreds of Afghan Local Nationals that work here."

Spec. Foss receives a coin from Command Sgt. Maj. Booker the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Commander ISAF for her performance during an attack in August

Special Requests

Eric has shared a wonderful wish-list of items his Brigade can use. Our Angels love wish-lists and will do their best to provide for Eric and his Battle Buddies!


Team Updates!

Thanks to all our Angels for sharing such marvelous goodie boxes with our Troops! Here are a few pictures coming in of what our Troops can expect!

From Angel Renee...7 boxes are heading to both our November teams! Lots of fun and goodies packed in these boxes! Thank you, Renee!

From Angel and games along with some great munchies for our Troops! Thank you, Christine!

From Angel Susan....warmth and snack items are on their way! Thank you, Susan!

From Angel Vivian....crafting supplies and goodies are on their way to our Team. Thank you, Vivian, for your support!

Team Black Adders Letter

From Angel Annette...St. Lawrence School's first and fourth graders had a very special writing project for Team Black Adders! Thank you all for writing to our Troops! A priceless present for them all.

From Angel Taylor...cookie batch #1 with more coming to Team Bats! Thank you, Taylor, for some incredible goodies!

From Angel and flavorful box of goodies heading to Eric! Thank you, Peggy!!

From Angel Cindy....5 layers of goodies for our deserving Troops!