Team Bats Baking Angels ~November 2014

Featuring Jacob Miller

A little about Team Bats

This month's nominee comes from Jacob's mother, Carol Sue Bennett-Miller. You can sense a mother's pride for her Marine son and the work that he does for the "BATS VMFA (AW) 242."

Carol shares that Jacob works with the Aircraft Wing Fleet. His duties include a bit of everything from the mechanics to escorting the aircraft to their destination.

Jacob was featured in a recent Marine video, "Always Ready: Marines Maintain Fighter Jets" on YouTube. Mom says, "He is the one directing the plane and was the worker with the moving hands."

There is a strong family history of service in Jacob's family which led him to the Marines. Mom writes, "From a baby, he was always imitating a soldier."

Jacob's mother calls him, "My golden child. He is so helpful and so sweet natured. He's always there to help you without having been asked. Jacob is an old fashioned kid who is always smiling."

Special Requests

As far as a wishlist, I'm hoping to get a little more information. But for now, Carol shares, "He likes about anything, homemade goodies to healthy options."

Carol is most appreciative of our efforts and wants to "thank all who are involved from the deepest of my heart."

Team Updates!

Thanks to all our Angels for sharing such marvelous goodie boxes with our Troops! Here are a few pictures coming in of what our Troops can expect!

From Angel Renee...7 boxes are heading to both our November teams! Lots of fun and goodies packed in these boxes! Thank you, Renee!

From Angel Angie...lots of Thanksgiving love went into this box! Thank you, Angie!

From Angel Lura...another great goodie box filled with baked goods and comfort items our Troops love! Thank you, Lura, for supporting our Team!

From Angel Taylor...cookie batch #1 with more coming to Team Bats! Thank you, Taylor, for some incredible goodies!

From Angel Peggy...more fun and flavorful goodies for Eric and his Battle Buddies! Thank you, Peggy!

From Angel Sue...yummy cookies, snacks, and fun items on their way to our team. Thank you, Sue!

From Angel Cindy....5 layers of goodies for our deserving Troops!