Team BLC Baking Angels ~ August 2017

Featuring Stephen Dorcey

Registration is now closed. Thanks to all for your support!

A little about Team BLC...

Many thanks to Michael Hagan, formerly of Team Herronators, for his support and referral of Stephen and his Buddies of the USARCENT NCOA/BLC!

Stephen writes, "We are Non-commisioned Officer Academy
Instructors stationed in Kuwait with the USARCENT NCOA/BLC. We teach new NCO's/ SGT's and are a mix of Reserves and National Guard Units. I am with the National Guard."

Special Requests...

Stephen mentions, "Baked goods are more then enough, but if you must/insist feel free to send a "normal" care package. I am sure none of the items will go unused."

I'm sure our Angels will be able to create some delicious Goodie Packages for Team BLC, plus a few extra items sure to delight your Buddies!