Team 1/4 Alpha Battery Baking Angels ~ February 2017

Featuring LCpl Eleno Gonzalez

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A little about Team 1/4 Alpha Battery...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Mandi Kanke for referring and sharing her son for our Angel support! Our Angels will take good care of him!

Eleno writes, "I’m a 0621 Radio Operator with Alpha Battery ¼ and attached to an Artillery Unit."

His mother adds, "They are serving on the USS Makin Islanda and are a Marine Expeditionary Unit, so they can end up any number of places."

Team 1/4 Alpha Battery

Mandi writes, "Eleno knew in junior high that he wanted to join the military. After meeting with recruiters from various branches, he decided that the Marine Corps would be the best fit for him. We have some good family friends who have served in the USMC, and I truly think that he loved the idea of being part of that brotherhood.

We have always been a family who respects and supports our military. He has three grandfathers that served in the US Air Force, and multiple family members that have served in various branches. I am proud that he is making his own path and made the decision that he did.

Throughout high school, Eleno played TAPS for several of our local Legion events, Veteran's Day programs, Memorial Day Services, etc. It was truly an honor for him."

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