Team 690 Super Techs Baking Angels ~ April 2018

Featuring Angel Rodriguez

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Team 690 Super Techs

A little about Team 690 Super Techs...

Many thanks go to Sherrod Donnelly for referring Angel Rodriguez and Team 690 Super Techs for our April Angel support. Our Angels will take good care of you!

Sherrod writes, "We are sailors and marines who specialize in the repair of avionics systems in aircraft. We support the aircraft deploying with the USS Iwo Jima and the 26th MEU for the mission overseas. Our small team is made of one Corporal, three AT3's and one AT2. Marines and sailors work very closely during MEUs and we learn a lot from one another. We leave behind wives, girlfriends, and very worried parents but it helps knowing that they are proud of us because they are the reason that we do what we do."

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