Team 3rd Placrew Baking Angels ~ April 2017

Featuring LCPL Gabriel Ulmer



Gabriel & Mom, Cindy Ulmer, as he heads to Bootcamp

A little about Team 3rd Placrew...

Cindy Ulmer, LCPL Gabriel's mother, is very proud of her Marine son. Thank you very much, Cindy, for sharing your son with our Angels.

Cindy writes, "Gabe has been stationed at Camp LeJeune since February 2016 with 3/6 Lima Company, Infantry. He was 17 when he decided he wanted to become a Marine and was an emotional experience for me as we had to sign him up as he was still a minor. He is the youngest of eight, homeschooled, and was always watching shows about guns, war history shows, and our oldest daughter said he is the one you want to have in your corner if a zombie apocalypse occurs! This is his first deployment."

Gabe is in the front right side end of row kneeling.

Gabe visiting Ranger Camp.

Special Requests...


Thank you to all our Angels who supported Team 3rd Placrew! We had an amazing turn out as is evidenced by some of our Angel Goodie Package photos! Enjoy!