Team 3rd Battalion 6th Marines Baking Angels ~ May 2023

Featuring Justin Skeens

Thank you to all our Angels who supported Justin and his Buddies! This team is now closed.

A little about Team 3rd Battalion 6th Marines...

Many thanks to Mindy McGowin for referring Justin for our support this month. Our Angels are looking forward to sending lots of goodies to Justin and his Buddies!

Mindy shares, "Justin knew he wanted to join the military since he was a child. In the 9th grade he joined the schools Army JROTC program. He was in all four years and was on the Raiders and Drill teams. He is one of eight high school buddies back home that all became Marines. He is the only one who chose Infantry as his MOS. There was absolutely no way to talk him out of it. He said he joined because thats what a true patriot does."

"In boot camp he stayed motivated and helped motivate others to finish strong in the crucible and earn their EGA. He is currently on deployment with his unit and they will be field training with allies. Although he is an 0311, he is also on a Weapons Platoon and is the gunner of a shoulder mounted rocket," Mindy adds.

"He has a wife and newborn son that he got to be there for the delivery a few weeks before they left. He loves anime (Evangelion), Ironman, 90’s rock like Pearl Jam, and he will proudly tell you he drives a 1979 Trans Am and loves his family," Mindy writes.

She adds, "He hasn’t asked for anything because he is self sufficient but I know he would need toiletries and maybe snacks like beef jerky and nuts and he doesn’t want to over indulge in sweets while on deployment. They go to the gym a lot.

I appreciate anything you can send. He is a good kid and we miss him dearly."  

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